Welcome to one of the most effecient Assetchain mining pools in existance.
We charge 2% pool fee (or more on some coins) because we offer more bang for your buck.
Our core belief and motto is: "Do more with less!"
Enjoy all your favorite ecosystem mining on one pool.
Easy to use
Easy to setup and configure.
Always being updated with the latest configuration requirements.
We have also upgraded the diff algo to properly match Komodo's diff1.
Proportional payments
Every share submitted counts and pays out when the pool finds a new block and that block has been notarized.
Pool Overview
Coin Blocks Found Total Paid Pool Hash Effective Network Hash Block Height Network Difficulty Peer Connections
komodo 2649 7885.65 1.23 MSol/s 255.87 MSol/s 3901101 913685040 45
tokel 969831 33979841.88 73.36 KSol/s 81.34 KSol/s 1283903 3636 19
digitalprice 241290 1558062.39 5.38 KSol/s 13.91 KSol/s 1257837 103958 2